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DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab File to Mobile können Sie Ihre Videodateien auf mobile Geräte wie iPod konvertieren, IPAD, iPhone, PSP, Zune, Smartphone, etc. und Next-Generation Konsolen wie PS3 und Xbox 360.

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DVDFab Video Converter:

  • Konvertieren einer Videodatei in MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, tragbare Videoplayer.
  • Very schnelle Umwandlung Geschwindigkeit, bis zu 500%.
  • Customize Ihre Video-Einstellungen oder wählt eine optimierte voreingestellt.
Supports All Video Formats...%0D019%2A%2AConvert from most popular video formats%2A%2A from Internet%2C digital camcorders%2C capture cards%2C etc. No external codecs needed.%0D019%2A%2AAVI%2A%2A video %28 %2A.avi%3B %2A.divx %29%0D019%2A%2AMPEG%2A%2A video %28 %2A.mpeg%3B %2A.mpg%3B %2A.dat %29%0D019%2A%2AMP4%2A%2A video %28 %2A.mp4%3B %2A.m4v %29%0D019%2A%2AFLV%2A%2A video %28 %2A.flv %29%2C %2A%2AM2TS%2A%2A files %28 %2A.m2ts %29%2C %2A%2AMOV%2A%2A video %28 %2A.mov %29%0D019%2A%2AWMV%2A%2A files %28 %2A.wmv %29%2C %2A%2AMKV%2A%2A video %28 %2A.mkv %29%0D019%2A%2AVOB%2A%2A video %28 %2A.vob %29%2C %2A%2AIFO%2A%2A files %28 %2A.ifo %29%2C %2A%2ATS%2A%2A files %28 %2A.ts %29%0D019%2A%2ARMVB%2A%2A video %28 %2A.rmvb%3B %2A.rm %29%0D019%2A%2A3GP%2A%2A video %28 %2A.3gp%3B %2A3g2 %29%2C %2A%2AASF%2A%2A File %28 %2A.asf %29%0D019%0D019%2A%2A%2A10 Conversion Profiles%2A%2A%2A%0D019Generic%2C iPod%2C PSP%2C ZUNE%2C NDS%2C Xbox 360%2C PS3%2C Cell Phone%2C PVP and PDA. More devices support can be added manually.%0D019%2A%2AGeneric%3A%2A%2A Convert video files to MPEG-4%2FDivX%2FXVID%2FH.264 AVI%2FMP4 file%2C which can be played on PC and supported devices.%0D019%2A%2AApple iPod%2C iPhone %26amp%3B iPad%3A%2A%2A Convert videos to MPEG-4 or H.264 .MP4 video%2C to watch on the go%3B on iPod%2C iPod touch%2C iPhone%2C iPhone 3G%2C iPhone 3GS%2C iPhone 4 and iPad.%0D019%2A%2APSP%3A%2A%2A Convert videos to MPEG-4 or H.264 MP4 files%2C to play on Sony PSP.%0D019%2A%2AZune%3A%2A%2A Convert video files to WMV file%2C to play on Microsoft Zune.%0D019%2A%2ANDS%3A%2A%2A Convert videos to DPG files%2C to watch on Nintendo DS.%0D019%2A%2AXbox 360%3A%2A%2A Convert video file to WMV file%2C and play it with your Microsoft Xbox 360.%0D019%2A%2APlay Station 3%3A%2A%2A Convert videos to MPEG-4 or H.264 MP4 files%2C and watch them on Sony PS3.%0D019Convert video file to the customized format you choose%2C for your PC%2C Cell Phone%2C PVP %28Portable Video Player%29 or PDA %28Personal Digital Assistant%29.

DVDFab Video Converter Features

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